Lexapro – Fighting Depression Fast and Effectively

As an effective antidepressant, Lexapro is aimed at balancing the amount of brain chemicals, which are responsible for the psychological state of the patient.  The effective selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor helps to eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and related health complications. Generally, the medication is prescribed to patients with serious symptoms of anxiety, but it can also be used for improvement of major depressive disorder in patients above 12 years old.

Being a revolutionary antidepressant, Lexapro is ultimately demanded on the pharmaceutical market. As a when-needed intake is not sufficient for condition improvement, a regular drug intake is required. The cost of the brand tablet is quite high, which means patients prefer its less costly equivalents. However, with the development of the online pharmaceutical sphere, generic Lexapro has become available. The cost of such treatment is several times lower than of the brand drug. Additionally, the experience is more convenient than traditional land-based shopping, as you do not need a prescription and other time- and money-consuming issues. Instead, you get an excellent chance to obtain the required treatment without leaving your house.

Recommendations for Lexapro Use

The main risk of online shopping for pharmaceuticals is misuse and its complications. Therefore, following the safety instructions and individual directions is inevitable for a successful and flawless therapy. Once you are ordering Lexapro online, you can contact a professional support team, the representatives of which are always ready to provide you with the necessary safety instructions. Never advance or decrease the prescribed dose or other intake specifications, as the slightest misuse or overuse of the treatment can activate unwanted reactions and devastating health complications.

Generally, Lexapro can be used with or without food. However, the drug works best if administered at around the same time daily. Keep using the drug for the defined therapy, as the symptoms can start disappearing only after 4 weeks of regular therapy. Unpleasant and frequently dangerous withdrawal reactions can bother the patient, who stops using Lexapro suddenly. An average antidepressant dose, enough for a beneficial effect is 10 mg a day. The maximal safe dose reaches 20 mg a day.

Contraindications and Safety Directions for Lexapro Intake

Lexapro can promote serious influence on the body functioning, so it is inevitable to restrict possible negative impacts before the beginning of the treatment course. Never launch the therapy if you are hypersensitive to its active ingredients or similar depression drugs. The drug should never be combined with MAO inhibitors, so you should not start the therapy 14 days within the last MAOIs intake. Severe lung disorders and other health abnormalities can be triggered by SSRI antidepressant use during pregnancy. Do not administer the drug if pregnant or breastfeeding, in order to eliminate serious health damage to an unborn or nursing child. Lexapro is not approved for patients under 12 years old.

A range of health disorders, illnesses and abnormalities can interfere with Lexapro course, launching specific disorders. Therefore, your dose should be prescribed with due attention to accompanying and underlying issues, especially:

  • Seizures;
  • Kidney or liver problems;
  • Stroke;
  • Blood clotting disorders or bleeding issues;
  • Alcohol or drug addiction;
  • Advanced blood pressure;
  • Manic depression;
  • Heart-related disorders;
  • Decrease sodium levels in the blood and others.
Generic Lexapro and Other Pharmaceuticals: Interactions and Related Health Complications

Excessive sleepiness and other health complications can bother you as a result of Lexapro interactions with specific prescription and non-prescription drugs. Provide a medical specialist with a complete list of pharmaceuticals, supplements, minerals, and vitamins you are using in order to prevent possible health aggravations. Do not take Lexapro with:

  • Other antidepressants;
  • ADHD treatments;
  • Stimulants;
  • Blood thinners;
  • Anxiety, mental illness or mood disorder pills;
  • Migraine headache medications;
  • Lithium, Tramadol;
  • Narcotic pain treatments and others.

Severe symptoms of allergic reactions can appear as a result of Lexapro misuse or overuse. It is inevitable to seek immediate medical assistance if your condition started aggravating and life-threatening symptoms appeared, especially behavior or mood changes, panic attack, sleeping impairments, abnormal aggressiveness, impulsiveness, irritability, agitation and similar conditions. Contact your doctor to report less severe adverse reactions, including:

  • Symptoms of decreased sodium in the body;
  • Severe reactions of the central nervous system;
  • Tunnel vision, swelling or pain in eyes and blurred vision;
  • Abnormal behavior or thoughts.

Common Lexapro reactions, such as dry mouth, dizziness, weight changes, insomnia, drowsiness and numerous others can appear when you first started taking the drug. Usually, such reactions are safe and not likely to cause complications.

Lexapro Online: How to Purchase Quality Drug at Affordable Cost?

If you are tired of spending the whole budget on Lexapro or other medication, it is best to try an innovative solution offered on the pharmaceutical market – online shopping for pharmaceuticals. Generic Lexapro is the drug, which contains active components identical to the brand drug, while the absence of brand-related expenses provides the distributor with a chance to significantly decrease the final price and offer Lexapro at convenient conditions. Apart from a quality, safe and effective antidepressant, you will get up-to-date payment options, fast delivery, dependable privacy policy, professional customer support service and other advantages.